Customer service plays a significant role in determining the extent of loyalty that a given dealership will retain over a period of time. The repeat value of a given business rides on the success of the service provided to the customers on the back of lucrative incentives and tempting prices pertaining to purchasing of new cars and maintenance of the older ones. It is incumbent to start businesses that work towards upholding the ethos of good customer service, one that forges long-term relationships. If you are looking to start your car dealership business founded upon such principles, take a look at the following 10 car dealer tips that will fetch you lifelong customers who would keep wanting to come back to avail your services –

Leadership Transparency

Connecting with customers on a personal level establishes a camaraderie that is rooted in trust. Efforts made in the direction of human connections will pay huge dividends in the long-run. The executives, the CEOs and the other employees holding senior designations can alter the perception of the company by coming forward to have a word with the customers face-to-face.

Create incentives

Developing a reward program for your customers can be extremely beneficial. Discounts for immediate family members, referrals and special prices for trading in old cars are instrumental in delivering value to the customers while the business keeps thriving as a direct consequence of it. 

Genuine regard for customers

Customer relationship management (CRM) is not a concept that looks great on paper and sounds convincing in theory alone. It is one of the pillars of retaining the loyalty of your customers in the years following that big purchase. Once the deal is closed and the customer has happily ridden off in his new car, it is customary for the dealer to follow up on the experience of the customer in a few weeks’ time. Newsletters and promotional emails do not cut it when it comes to establishing a genuine human connection that makes the customers believe that the dealer truly cares about them. It all feels plastic when an official ‘hello’ fails to make its way into their hearts and dutiful birthday messages collect dust in their mailbox. There is always more that can be done long after the sale was sealed. Consistent interactions on social media, monthly check-ups and an honest intent in your voice when you talk to them on the phone go a long way in maintaining a strong equation, especially when it is not limited to another sales pitch for a new car that is supposedly better than the one they bought a couple of years ago.

Stop making it all about money –

Send your customers material that is devoid of promotional information. It should have content that adds value to a new customer who may not be looking to buy cars at the moment. Information on car maintenance, auto industry news and the latest trends can attract potential customers to subscribe to your newsletters or blogs.

A punctual customer-service

On-time repairs and quality-maintenance that lasts a few years can establish the sincerity and care that your service entails. Throwing in a few freebies every now and then like free tire rotations can be impactful. Setting up a reminder-service that notifies the client about small maintenance issues that need attention once in a while can foster a lifelong connection.

Remember dates –

It is not a fad that people like being recognized and valued for who they are. A birthday cake with a personalised note from the sales manager can help push the envelope when it comes to strengthening brand loyalty. However, be careful as to not spoil such messages with promotional content. There is always a better time for such ploys. Plug those in during face-to-face interactions and when you get to know that an old customer or a new one is indeed in dire need of a new set of wheels.