Get To Know A Little About Us

Apple Auto Leads is a family-owned company based in Long Island, New York.

Established in 2014, Apple Auto Loans started with everyday working people with a passion for their work along with a strong vision for where they wanted their business to grow. Originally designed to help consumers with bad credit, we expanded our footprint through Digital Marketing and discovered that we had so much more to offer. We now provide a full line of marketing services.

The Apple Auto Leads mission is to offer our dealerships the strongest automotive lead program in the industry.

We work hand-in-hand with dealerships to help increase their ROI. Through our verification process and V-Active 🍎 Live Transfer service our team ensures more applicants enter your dealership and buy more cars. Our philosophy is to treat our customers as partners  not as just another sale. We use time-tested tools and our specialized marketing technology to increase your car sales up to 200 percent. At Apple Auto Leads, we go the extra mile to expand your dealership’s client base. Our goal is to help you meet your monthly sales targets through innovative services, outstanding customer service, quality leads, and our strongest possible commitment. If you are looking for a special finance company that will go the extra mile to ensure success then look no further than Apple Auto Leads!