Search Engine Optimization

At APPLE MARKETING we help your website draw more attention to itself by ranking higher in search engines, generate a constant stream of new leads and thereby increase chances of sale..

How does SEO help your brand?

To put it very simply, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the strategy with which you make sure that when someone searches for something relevant to your business on the search engine, your website shows up among the top results.

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Since a lot of internet users trust search engines, mostly Google, as a reliable source of online information, it is crucial that your website, your social media profiles, your business listings and all the content on these platforms are SEO optimized.

Why should you hire APPLE MARKETING as your SEO partner?

  • We care for you, focus on the flow of conversion, and optimize to set an exemplary user experience model.
  • We have training, knowledge, and experience specific to the field of SEO.
  • We do not second-guess SEO tactic – we know what we are doing and execute them with precision.
  • SEO takes time and a lot of research, and as professionals, we take the burden off your hands.
  • Professional service will give you value for money and carry out optimized usage of your resources, however limited.
  • You have a much better chance of overtaking the competition with professional SEO assistance.

What SEO Services do we offer?
With a coherent combination of all the SEO services provided by APPLE MARKETING, we make a committed effort to push your brand name through the encroached online space.

Here are the practices that make APPLE MARKETING perfect:

Keyword Research
Every successful SEO campaign begins with accurate keyword research and then infusing the in the content later. We run an in-depth and exhaustive keyword research relevant to your business, gathering insight into the queries and concerns of your audience base.

Content Update
Link Building
Improve Social Media Presence
Frequently Asked Questions:

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services?
SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization and this is a practice of increasing the quality along with the quantity of traffic on your business website. The entire modus-operandi can be executed through organic search engine results. To get a complete understanding of SEO let us break the definition and address of every single area.

Quality of Traffic: 
Through quality traffic one can drive in visitors who are very much interested in the respective products that you are offering. For instance, if you own a home cleaning related business, individuals seeking for home cleaning will put up inquiry at your website or will call you up directly.

Quantity of traffic: 
Once you get the right individuals clicking from the Search Engine Result Page, and then you are bound to drive in more traffic.

Organic Result: Advertisement makes up a paramount portion for numerous SERP’s. It is to be noted that for driving organic traffic you will not have to pay any amount. Organic search traffic is nothing but unpaid traffic that is generated from SERP’s.

The categorization of SEO
SEO is categorized in a couple of general buckets and that is On-page SEO along with off-page SEO. All the one-page tasks are carried out on your website and the off-page task is carried out away from the page. Both On pages along with off-page tends to make the website user friendly and of course make it trustworthy so that visitors can stay in.

As search engine crawlers witness how cordial the website is to them and how it is behaving with the users, there are higher chances that your website will rank positively. To make things more transparent let us have a different angle to it.

A simple understanding of the web crawling process in SEO
For instance, you are having a couple of websites and that is Website A & Website B. Website A is not responsive and thereby users on tablets and smartphones will find it tough to navigate and use the particular site. Website B is however quite responsive and thereby one will have a better experience altogether. For the search engines, it is an easy decision to make out which of the website is friendlier.