How many times have you wished there were some sort of magic trick that would grant you instant approval on that loan you so badly need? Being denied over and over again is extremely frustrating and can really bring a person’s confidence down. And what is more, putting your credit through inquiry after inquiry only makes your score sink lower. But what is it that you are doing wrong? There must be something, otherwise, you would have been granted a loan by now.

Obtaining finance when you are a bad credit applicant is never easy, but it is not impossible either. Having a clear idea of your possibilities and a high self-confidence is key. Learn what you are doing wrong and what steps you can take towards a successful bad credit loan application. Here you will find some ideas on how to proceed prior to applying for a loan.

Sort Out Your Credit Report

There are many sites online which offer free credit report copies. It will be a good idea for you to get one of these and spend some time checking it out, making sure that everything which appears there is absolutely accurate. It is very easy to oversee mistakes as we always assume the inputs are 100% correct. Well, they do not always are. So make sure there are no errors which might be unfairly bringing your credit down.

Make A Budget

Knowing exactly what you earn monthly and what your usual expenditures are will give you a better idea of what you can afford to pay when it comes to loan installments. This will aid you in deciding which loan offers are better for you and which are just bad deals. It is very common for people to take out a loan which ends up being more than they can handle. If you know what you can pay for and what is simply out of your league, this will definitely not happen to you.

Improve Your Credit

Often, people wait until the last second to request a loan. This is just wrong. Making rushed decisions is exactly what you do not need. If you realize your financial situation is somewhat rocky, plan ahead. Provided that you see you will need the helping hand of a lender is the months to come, try to slowly improve your FICO score before submitting an application. Even if you only enhance it a bit, it is better than nothing. There are measures you can take: pay off any due bills, close unnecessary account, pay off credit card balances, etc. It will mean a sacrifice, but it will surely boost your chances of approval in the upcoming months.

Pay Lenders A Visit

Applying for loans online is an excellent idea and can save you loads of time. But sometimes taking the time to personally visit each lender, can increase your chances of approval. It will give the lender time to get to know the person behind the credit score and the credit report. You will have a chance to explain some of your negative report inputs face-to-face, and this is invaluable. I believe it can be really hard to swallow ones pride and admit that you made a mistake and that you need a second chance, but it will earn you the trust of the people around you. It is definitely worth the effort.


Source by Hilary Bowman