Successful BDC Tips your dealership needs right now

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1. Daily training practice

Dealership training is extremely important for a BDC department. Going over the current inventory, vehicle features, the sales team’s procedures, and using digital tools to the fullest potential are all essential parts of the daily training process.

2. Appointments are KEY

The best way to close more deals is to book more appointments. A strong pitch and follow-up methods will increase the chances of getting more customers in the door. Follow-ups for an appointment with help ensure each car buyer is given the proper attention they deserve, which will help increase your success with customers.

3. Use your CRM software to the fullest

Are you using all of the tools your CRM company provides? Make sure to set aside time to research the features, then make a plan to incorporate them into daily routines. These tools will help you save time, giving you the best chance to sell even more cars.

4. Work closely with Sales and Marketing Departments

One of the best BDC practices is to communicate with the sales and marketing specialists at your dealership. All sales related departments need to work together. A strong team is the key to a successful car dealership! Have regular meetings, spend time each month analyzing your processes, and modify practices as needed until they work smoothly for everyone involved.