Though online MBA degree is nothing new, yet these are still some common problems and mistakes faced by the online MBA Degree students;

Enroll in non accredited online MBA program

1. Do not enroll in any non accredited school as its degree may not be accepted by other universities/schools or even the future employers.

2. Check and confirm if the online program and its school has been registered as accredited program through proper regional association. An accredited college means that their teaching is recognized as a legitimate educational process. They are recognized by the U.S. board of education and the degree you earn there is one you can be proud of.

3. Should you have accidentally enroll in a non accredited online MBA program,don’t panic! Try to transfer to another school which is accredited as soon as you are able to.

Lack of consistency and Discipline to take on MBA work seriously

1. Work out a calendar for yourself to balance out your work, life and study. Allocate the necessary time for your online MBA program as this is important for your future. Set aside some good time to complete the work which you are behind such as MBA assignments, projects, tasks, and prioritize the urgency for each of them to the best you can.

2. If you have been neglecting courses or unable to cope with some of assignment submissions previous semester, it is still not too late if you still want to make the best out of it. Re-synergize yourself and complete whatever pending without any distraction. If you need help, always talk to your mentor or professionals which have assigned to help you as online student.

3. You may offer to do some extra credit or participate in special projects to get your grades back-up.

Don’t ignore your Virtual MBA Program Peers

1. Online program is not intended for lone-rangers , and it has never being defined that there is no class-room interactions or peers discussion

2. Net-working is one of the biggest perks of business school. Always participate in class-room chat, team discussions, and message boards. Always stay close contacts with your course mates. Contact them to check on their well-being at times is one way to foster a good relationship with your MBA program peers. This kind of relationship should continue even after graduate, and into working life.

Don’t forget that there are tons of financial aid and resources for online program students

1. There are many grants, scholarships and special tuition aid which are available for online MBA students. They are there with the intention to help out those qualified students studying online program.

2. If you did not try to apply any financial aid for your first semester, it is never too late to apply for these scholarship/grant for your second semester. Many scholarships allow students to reapply each year, giving you multiple chances to be granted cash.

Don’t miss out any internships programs offered by the Business school.

1. Since many online MBA programs do not require students spend their summers interning for major corporations, some students simply forego this opportunity. Internships program are essential, especially for online students as this is a good opportunity for them to experience real life work experience in the field which they are studying.

2. Also, during these Internships program, you may get the opportunity to meet your possible future potential employers who might likely ready to get you in when you graduate with the online degree if you show good attitude, capability and potential during the internships program.

Remember that the support from your family is extremely important especially if you have children, and used to take care of your family,

1. Family support and encouragement is extremely important when it comes to something as significant as online MBA degree. Lots of devotion and commitment is needed to be sow in your study to earn your degree.

2. Your family and loved ones need to understand your priority and be supportive all the time. There will be some level of sacrifices where you will need to forego especially your family time.


Source by Elaine Ee Lee