Are you leads exclusive?

There are numerous applicants who go ahead and fill up numerous forms, but our team ensures to check and verify each & every lead and sells only the exclusive leads.

Do I get permission to share the applicant’s information?

Answer- Yes you will be getting permission to do so. After the respective applicant fills out all information, they agree for a credit check and get contracted for an optimal offer.

How do you generate the leads?

Our leads are generated from customers looking for insurance on major internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. This is an efficient approach to generate optimal leads from serious insurance shoppers.

To expand our lead attainment, a small percentage of our leads come from watchfully selected partners, all of whom are closely monitored for quality and only approved after a thorough screening process. We do not use or tolerate any incentive-based methods to generate leads.

How Many Cars Can I Expect To Sell From Your Program?

Though we are unable to provide a particular number as our dealerships sell different types of cars and the numbers also keep on changing. However, the numbers generally depend on dealership inventory along with lenders & how efficiently the leads are pursued.

How Many Leads Can You Get For Me?

We can never guarantee the exact number, but we can surely get you estimates which are based upon previous months.

How Much Do Leads Cost?

The leads’ price varies from one geographic location to another, so the price cannot be estimated instantly.

What are the Credit Score of the Lead?

Though we never run the score of an applicant, but it can be around 400-700

What Info Comes With The leads?

With the leads you are supposed to get address and couple of phone numbers, email, work history, DOB, social security. It will contain information if you are in a rented or own house.