Did you know that over forty million American’s have poor to bad credit? Did you also know that in order for you to purchase anything of personal value requires having credit of some sort. Vehicle’s, furniture, credit cards, gas cards, department store cards, jewelry, renting apartments or town homes and even getting a good job is reviewed and judged by how well your credit scores.

One other alarming event that is spreading across our nation, is the amount of people who are falling prey to identity theft. I think that it is wise to say that our credit is under attack. How so you might say? There are many reasons for this, lack of discipline, lust and craving to have, trying to keep up with the Jones’ , poor money management, over spending, impulse buying, spending more than you earn and on and on. I’m sure that you may fit in one if not in all of these dreadful categories.

Let’s face it, we live in a fast paced and have to have it now society, that dictates that if you don’t keep up you will be left behind. The truth of the matter is this, you are living in a delusion. You will not be left behind, you don’t have to keep up with the Jones’ or anyone else and it is impossible for any human being to manage his own life while trying to keep up with the lifestyle of others.

It’s time to go back to square one and start taking control of your own life. Understand the equation. Lack of income plus lack of discipline plus poor money management equals debt, which leads to bad credit with the horrible benefits of bill collectors calling, bankruptcy, divorce and ulcers. This is not the American way so don’t get caught up in the delusion. God Bless America!


Source by Joesph Washington