When you are the owner of an automotive dealership, leads mean the world. Generating promising leads consistently becomes a difficult task. Using a third-party service to bring in new subprime leads can be especially beneficial. Established in 2014, Apple Auto Leads worksin tandem with dealerships to help them find the strongest automotive lead every step of the way. Apple Auto Leads has mastered the art of separating the strongest leads from the lot. Third-party services can get you results that are faster and more sustainable.

Now, let’s look at the top 5 reasons why you should use a provider for auto lead generation:  

  1. Providers usually have a marketing team to help their dealerships find visibility and rank highly on search engines. When your website appears in the first few search results it is expected to receive a ton of traffic in the form of prospective leads.
  2. Apple Auto Leads has a strategy developed from experience and credible observations. They saw that when a customer calls for a specific vehicle that is a different brand from a dealership’s name the customer might become confused.  For example, a customer might call on a Jeep Renegade but the dealer greets the customer with “Thank you for calling Mercedes-Benz. How may I assist you?” This is unexpected and confusing. Apple Auto Leads, however, is designed to steer customers to a dealership in their area with the inventory the customer seeks. No customer is left behind.
  3. Direct mail marketing works because providers use post card mailers with the appropriate dealer information that acts as a call-to-action (CTA) for prospects needing a vehicle but might have bad credit scores. This targets those customers who easily get turned off by repeated phone calls.
  4. Providers establish contacts with dead leads by making offers to excite the lead. The revived lead can then be quickly forwarded to the dealerships.
  5. Providers use SEO optimized blog posts to further the reach of your business by creating backlinks. This is done by writing content on some of the commonly asked questions on anything related to the automotive business and plugging in promotional content in a gradual and systematic manner.

In conclusion, automotive lead generation is a process that uses the tools of digital marketing to expedite the time it usually takes to reach those goals using traditional methods. A reliable dealer management system in conjunction with special auto financing backed by customer re-marketing and a good SEO strategy is surely going to pay dividends in future.