Well I will tell you that working on your self requires daily disciplines: To read, pray, meditate. This is how I start my days by:praying, meditating, reading and exercising.

I believe if you make the decision to discipline your self in this priority areas, you’ll out perform anyone who doesn’t.

Here is what I learn from a great mentor of mine!! Art Williams from A.L. Williams Former company, now Primerica.

You beat 50% of the people in America by working hard in all areas, you beat another 40% by doing what’s right daily not perfect, but right and the last 10% is a dog fight!!!

So here are the Daily Dozen that will forever change your life.

1) Attitude: Choose and display the right attitude daily.

Deciting to choose from negative to positive is all up to you. I know that the daily grind sometimes can be a pain. Winners choose to win, not because they are lucky winners. Winners choose to win and keep in mind the word ” Choose to win.” Choosing to win is much harder than choosing to loose, why? because choosing to loose doesn’t require much out of you. I’ll give you an example: When you wake up specially to an alarm clock in the morning, it means that you are waking up to something you don’t want to wake up to, which is probably a job specially!! Monday morning so you are waking up to rush hour ETC.

Maybe you are not meeting your daily goals if you are in sales, or maybe you just had a fight with your spouse or a confrontation with a partner or a family member being ill. Whatever it is “Remember, you choose your behavior.

Attitude is everything in the way things turn out in your life. If you work hard on being positive in your daily task, I can assure you great results, but on the other hand, if you choose a negative attitude, than, I can guarantee you bad results.

2) Priorities: determine and act on important priorities daily.

Prioritizing is the hardest thing any human being can have a problem with. But I think if you organize your priorities, every priority of your importance can be achieved.

I have learn to prioritize my personal responsibilities with my daily agenda that starts early in the morning with self improvement health and spiritual, family and business. It is a tough to pull through but it must be met daily. And this are all my daily priorities in that order.

3) Health: Know and follow a healthy guideline daily.

Knowing and following a healthy guideline is a must to live a long life specially running your daily life with the daily stress of family responsibilities, job or business, finances ETC. So, if you don’t take care of your health, your chances of ending up in the hospital with a heart attack are much more higher.

I go to the gym every morning and I also take good care of my eating habits, it is very easy to eat junk food and not go to the gym and work out. That is exactly what the majority of people do in this country and end up in the hospital with a heart attack.

4) Family: Communicate with and care for your family daily.

Your family needs to know your vision agenda. There needs to be a connection between your daily activities, your goals and the direction of where you’re leading your family. A great example of that is in sports, a confuse team is a losing team, every team player needs to know, their positions and the game there playing and who they are playing against. Understand this principle of life. The team reflects the coaches vision. So if you are the coach of your family, team communication is very important. I lead a family of six which is my ex wife my four children and my grand baby, we all know exactly where we are and what game we are playing. We are building a business for the future of our family so the daily grind is tough, but we are all connected in our family vision by being independent entrepreneurs and learning to run your family life combined with your business life.

A lot of people think that when things don’t work out between you and your significant other, that there is no more team work. Kids are facing a crisis by the separation of parents, but they are seeing the behavior of a separation being worked out, why, because of communication.

5) Thinking: Practice and develop good thinking daily.

Good thinking is the most important thing in your life and the life of others. I believe that good thinking can change an adverse moment or situation in your life. I read a lot of self help books from incredible leaders that I’ve learn from. John C. Maxwell and by the way this daily dozen comes from a book call today matters, Napoleon Hill’s books specially Think and Grow Rich a book that has gotten me where I am today spiritually, emotionally and physically. I can mention many more, but daily reading is a must to tackle your daily thinking from negative to positive, from problems to solutions.

6) Commitment: Make and keep proper commitments daily.

Starting your day with a constructive routine for a better life is challenging. Because you have to work on keeping good daily habits and getting rid off bad ones. You are going to focus on your daily commitments but if you don’t work on replacing bad habits for good ones, you’ll brake your daily commitments. Let me give you an example: You get your day prepare a night before putting things on paper such as, waking up early, meditating, reading, praying and exercising but than, you go to sleep late because you’ve chosen to watch the news, ate very late ETC. Well the next day is here, and guess what? you don’t get up early and brake your commitment.

How does that make you feel, It makes you feel like a failure right? I guess we all are guilty of breaking our daily commitments, so don’t give up, try one more time, by reading self help books gives you ideas to get, better to improve the way you think. I love quotes and here is a good one ” Courage is not defined by those who fought and did not fall, but by those who fought, fell, and rose again. If you work on self improvement, again the word “commitment appears on daily reading.” Read twenty minutes daily and watch your life change and improve.

7) Finances: Manage your finances daily.

Managing your daily finances starts by the way you view money. Having goals towards your financial future gives you your daily understanding of the way you spend money.

Say if your goal is to buy a house in the near future and it requires that you save for a 3% down for your home your going to analyze, if what you’re going to spend will be of need or to put on a closet or a storage and never see it again until it goes to the trash when you move. Another thing is if you are wanting and planning to send your children to college, saving for a travel vacation, retirement. See everything we’ve talk about when planned out in writing with commitment which is what we discussed earlier.

I know we are all guilty of that temptation of what we see for today, than we forget about our future plans.

Every time I go out to the store to do grocery shopping with my little ones they always want that toy, candy, gum ETC. and I am not saying that is wrong, but is a killer of future goals.

8) Faith: Live out your faith daily.

Faith is the bed rock of our dreams. Without faith, nothing is possible. When ever you find your (DMP) which means, “Definite Major Purpose” in life, faith is the foundation of your purpose. Projecting a bright future will require; Belief, emotional strength, courage, Focus and persistence.

I am in a serious project in my life that requires all this ingredients I’ve just mention, because beginning a new journey will demand everything to be able to build it of the ground. I have a quote in my room that reads this: Faith makes all things possible, Hope makes all things bright and Love makes all things easy. Every time that I read it, Isit down for a short moment and close my eyes to comprehend and feel that quote in my heart to tackle my day with direction of mi inner voice, which tells me to go for it.

You’re going to find challenging days where you are facing a lot of difficulty to meet your daily task and if you don’t prepare your self with positive self talk and positive daily reading and most importantly prayer, you will fail and become hopeless.

9) Relationships: Invest and initiate good relation ships daily.

This subject is also very important to have open doors everywhere you go. The first relationship to work on is, the relationship of your inner self and our creator. When you work on the most important relationship between you and your creator, you start viewing your self as someone useful, someone important, someone that brings meaning to the lives of others that are in the need of help or a service or and opportunity, what ever your calling is to help!!! Now you become connected to meaningful things in life at this point when it comes to building relationships, you are ready to meet the world, to bring something of value to someone. It might be a smile, an open ear, a solution or just a connection emotionally ETC.

And that is what allows you to have connection with your Families, friends, co-workers, neighbors, strangers and the list goes on and on.

When starting a serious project that involves your family, friends, acquaintance; they are going to be willing and open to help. Remember ” never build a relationship with someone if you don’t mean it sincerely.” People can smell a phony a mile away.

I thank God for allowing me to have the blessing of having a relationship with with him, my ex-wife, my children, my grand baby, my business partners my clients and everyone that I surround my self with daily, because this allows me to, serve better, to lead better, to move faster towards demanding projects to achieve daily goals.

10) Generosity: Model generosity to others daily.

I think this two subjects go hand and hand. Being generous and relationships. To me generosity will connect you to anyone. To be a giving person in ways of being helpful, or going the extra mile for someone in need.

Have you notice how great it feels to be able to help your children with their needs, it makes you feel good doesn’t it? Or when you see someone carrying groceries and they are trying to open a door; I love to do things like that when I drop off my daughter to school opening the door for her is a generous act when, walking with her and watching her live is generous. I see a lot of parents that drop off kids to school, they barely stop the child gets off the car, and there they go rushing!!!!

Being generous and helpful is something that we all must learn to implement daily!!!!
Catch your self when you are not being generous and see your life change for the better. You’ll be able to learn to become more generous!!!!

11) Values: Good values are develop daily.

study of values, our field includes what is commonly referred to as ethics, moral philosophy, and philosophy of life. Values are the bedrock of a foundation that will be notice in the eyes of someone that recognizes true values in life. My Father is a true example of good values and philosophies. My father is a man of decision, a man that stands behind his word, he is a man that plans his daily life on everything he does daily.
He is organize determine and eager to meet daily task.

I’ve learn to become a bit like him, because I had the blessing to work next to him in my young years. I work with him from the age of seventeen to twenty four, which allow me to build a strong foundation on values.

When I confronted the world starting my own business at twenty four, what my father taught me, help me to meet daily responsibilities and remaining consistent with good behavior and creativity to bring solutions to challenges.

12) Spirituality: Grow spiritual daily.

I think that growing spiritual daily with our creator is something that a lot of us don’t do, only when we need help.

My Mother has a very strong belief in God and ever since I’ve known my Mother, she has thought me to pray, to have faith to believe that there is that superior source of help around and within us. I learn a biblical word that forever change my life which to “ASK.”

And what this basically means is: “Ask and you shall receive, Seek and you shall find, Knock and the doors shall open on to you.” So be careful what is it that you pray for, because you might end up getting more of that.

I am hoping that this daily dozen for success help you through out your life!!!!


Source by Fernando Ramirez