Have you noticed how you see more older Honda Accords being driven than any other type of car? It’s a stretch to find a 1989 Chevy Monte Carlo or a 1992 Ford Taurus driving these days. However, Accords seem to have longevity. Blame it on their reliability and high resale value, as well as true driver loyalty to the Honda brand. You can’t kill these cars.

The Honda Accord has long been known for its trustworthiness, ever since 1976 when the model was born. The car has beat out the competitors (including Toyota Camry) with solid ratings across the board for safety, reliability, resale value, design and family friendliness.

Drivers who bought their Honda Accords in the 1980s find little reason to sell them, since the Accord lasts so long if properly maintained. After a few repairs and replacements (most occurring at the 100,000 mile mark), like timing belt, water pump and axles, owners have put as much as 300,000 miles (or more) on their Accords and continue to get great use from the reliable vehicle.

A Look at the Accord’s Best Years

The Accord is in its eighth generation currently. Some generations of the popular vehicle have lasted better than others, although there are Honda Accords on the road from all generations.

Fourth Generation

The Accords built between 1990 to 1993 were hearty, and we still see them out and about. This model bore a close resemblance to the Acura Legend, which gave it a more upscale feel for an Accord compared to previous generations. In 1993, the 10th anniversary of the SE model brought a special edition of the LX sedan with extra features.

Fifth Generation

Probably the most popular in terms of used cars today, the Honda Accords built between 1994 and 1997 still retain good resale value and are more reliable than your average 12 to 15 year old used car. This model got a facelift from the previous generation, with a wider body and a V6 engine introduced in 1995.

From New to Old

If you’ve owned a Honda Accord, you’re likely to buy another one for your next car. Accord owners appreciate the vehicle’s handling ability, and those that drive the coupe love the sportiness that still comes with great reliability and quality. Sedan drivers appreciate the roominess that allows for comfort for the whole family.

Looking to sell your Honda Accord?

Accords provide good resale value, with models from as far back as 1990 being worth at least $1200.


Source by Jason S. Tustle